Oct. 20, 2020, 5:58 p.m.

How do I become an author?

The community will be grateful for your contributions in the form of articles containing new knowledge and experience in the field of technical diagnostics of industrial equipment. Theory, practice, reviews and news are especially welcome.

On our resource, when writing articles, the syntax of Markdown is used. Markdown is a lightweight markup language designed to indicate formatting in plain text, while maximizing human readability, and suitable for machine translation into languages ​​for advanced publications. This syntax is completely easy to use and shouldn't be feared. For those who are not familiar with this language, use a cheat sheet or any search engine.

After writing an article and clicking the "Publish" button, it will go for moderation and after a while will appear on the main page of the site. Therefore, do not worry too much about the design - the administrator will always help you.

General recommendations:
1. Write a small preview (what the article is about).
2. To attract attention, you can insert a picture under the preview. Recommended no more than 300 pixels in height.
3. In order for a preview with a picture to be on the main page of the site, use the "Content separator" button (in the upper right corner of the editor).

How to become an author?

Learn how to become an author and contribute to the techdiagnost.com community


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