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Ultrasound diagnostics

Dec. 28, 2021, 12:40 p.m.

Поиск протечек, Акустический течеискатель

There are many ways to find suction cups in capacitors. Starting with the use of candles, soap solution, film stretching, aerosol spraying, and ending with more advanced ultrasonic devices with nozzles. Each of these methods has many disadvantages, the main of which is the time of defect localization. Not so long ago, devices of a new class appeared on the market - acoustic visualizers. The technology of overlaying data from an array of microphones onto the image from the device's camera allows you to accurately localize the source of noise even from a considerable distance. In this short article, I want to share my experience with the Fluke ii900 acoustic camera.

Finding condenser leaks
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